Frequently asked questions

What is Capital Luggage Deposit?

Luggage Deposit is your solution to Enjoy Rome hands free! We offer a Luggage Storage facility beside Rome Termini Station. Premium Location and no long Queues to wait in!

What are your Luggage Deposit Options?

Same Day Pickup: You may leave your luggage all day long during opening hours and the price is fixed! No extra cost or hourly rate! Long Stay: You may leave your luggage in our deposits for days or weeks! Daily rate applies for every calendar day.

Do you consider the different Luggage Sizes?

No luggage size or weight restrictions. As long as they fit in our storage facility! Fixed price!

How much should I pay for my Luggage?

Same Day Pickup Luggage Rates are: € 5,00 BAG/DAY

Is my Luggage safe?

Your Luggage will be perfectly safe in our guarded Deposits. Staff is always on site with your luggage. In case of damage, loss, theft our Company makes use of special Insurance Policy that guarantees up to € 200,00 of reimbursement for each Luggage Piece. Special Conditions Apply.

How can I pay?

You may pay Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay

What are your business hours?

Our deposit is open all year-round from 9am to 7pm

How long can a deposit last?

Your deposit may last all day long (business hours) or if you need more time you may choose our Overnight Storage!

What happens if I get back after closing time?

If you can’t make it on time try giving us a call and we will do our best to let you pickup your luggage. If this will not be possible you must come back in the morning and Overnight Rates will apply.

Do I need to reserve in advance?

Booking is not required but you may do so online and decide to pay later once your reach our deposit or you can prepay online and save 10%

How can I contact you?

Contacts: Email: Whatsapp: + 39 06 56569244 Facebook: @romeluggagestorage Apple Message (Link on Home Page) Instagram (Link on Home Page) Website Live Chat Termini Deposit: Via Giovanni Giolitti 127 (Termini Station)

Luggage Pick-Up Service - How does it work?

Our addition Luggage Pick-Up service is a door-to-door Luggage Pickup and Storage Service. Our trasporter will come at your indicated address and pickup your luggage. The luggage will then be brought to our Termini Station Storage Facility where you will then come and pick them up at your own convenience.

Luggage Pick-Up Service - How much does it cost?

Our addition Luggage Pick-Up service costs € 9,99 per bag. This cost will be added to the standard € 5,00/bag cost for the storage.

Luggage Pick-Up Service - How do I book the service?

During the online booking procedure for your Luggage Storage you will have the possibility to add the transportation option.

Luggage Pick-Up Service - What information will be needed?

In order to book your additional Luggage Pick-Up service you will be asked for the following information: 1) Name and Surname 2) Email Contact 3) Telephone Number (This is very important in case of need of contact from the Transporter) 4) ID Document Number (Required for Security and in Case of Police Authority Checks) 4) Exact Pick-Up Address 5) Luggage Pick-Up Time (Please remember to be at the chosen address on time. Transporter will wait no longer than 5 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.) 6) Final Luggage Pick-Up time at the Termini Station Storage

Luggage Pick-Up Service - Do I need to Book in Advance?

The additional Pick-Up Service requires us to have some time to set up the transportation. Therfore we require at least 30 minutes of Advanced Booking. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if made at too short notice.

Luggage Pick-Up Service - Where can I Book the transportation from?

The Pick-Up Service can be booked from all of Rome's City Center, Trastevere Area, Vatican Area. Please contact us before booking if you are unsure if your location is served. In case of bookings outside of such areas we will contact the client and reserve the right to cancel the reservation. In case of doubt please contact us prior to booking. Please remember that the handover of the luggage to our transporter MUST take place at street level. No luggage will be collected inside buildings.